Monday, 9 April 2012

Campervan Park Auckland Airport

The last thing you feel like doing when you get off a long haul flight is driving on unfamiliar roads in an unfamiliar vehicle for hours on end.

Auckland airport have created the perfect solution! A Campervan park at Auckland Airport!

Now you can get a hold of your campervan and go knuckle down for a good sleep less than a kilometre away from the airport! You don't need to spend a night in an expensive hotel but you can get the run down of the camper, get a good sleep and wake up at the crack of dawn to get on the road! Don't make your kids fall asleep in their seats or don't let yourself fall asleep at the wheel!


Don't start your dream campervan adventure tired and agitated. Book a night at the Campervan Park Auckland Airport!

With 54 powered sites, access to fresh water, toilets, showers, a laundry, kitchen and Wi-Fi you'll be all set as soon as you get off the plane. What's more, it allows you to stock up the camper with groceries at the supermarket nearby.
Alternatively, stay at the Campervan Park on your way out of the country

The park is also fully fenced, with CCTV and has regular security patrols on site.

Book a site for when you arrive in Auckland! If you haven't got a campervan yet check out Campervan Hire New Zealand or Campervan Hire Sale Finder.

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