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Speaking the Kiwi Lingo

Kiwi signpost
Kiwis on the road
By Virtualmv - Wikimedia Commons
For most people traveling to New Zealand it means you don't need to learn a whole new language.  Along with the spectacular scenery, friendly people and clean green environment, this is  a bonus.  English is pretty universal and even if it's not the native language, many Europeans, Asians and Americans have learnt it.  However, coming to grips with the "kiwi" take on the English language may require a bit more education by a native "Kiwi".  I must make a disclaimer however, as I in no way at all know the Kiwi language to the full extent.  South Islanders' language differs from North Islanders' just like the North Aucklanders' lingo differs from the South Aucklanders'. 

I will enlighten those traveling to New Zealand on the more common terms so that when you pick up the rental car or Campervan or check in to the Campervan Park, you'll be able to understand the kiwi bloke whose showing you the ropes.... not to mention make friends with the locals along the way. 

Waiau Dairy and Tea Rooms, Canterbury, New Zealand, June 2007
New Zealand Dairy
By PhillipC - Flickr

 Eating and Meals:

Kumara: A sweet potato and common Kiwi food. Buy them in vegetable root form or in chip form from the local Fish and chip shop ( a common casual weekend and beach food for Kiwis)
Chips: are fries. 
Dairy: The local corner shop/ convenience store in most small  towns and bigger ones too. 
L&P: The World Famous in New Zealand Fizzy drink, made in Paeroa in central North Island.  
Chilly Bin: What you keep you food cold in on picnics or roadtrips.
Hokey Pokey: A delicious and much loved ice cream flavour. 
Tip Top: The NZ icecream (and bread) brand.
Marmite: NZ's alternative to Vegemite. To be spread thinly (some would argue) on toast.
Pineapple Lumps: yummy pineapple and chocolate lolly
Pavlova: meringuey type cake with cream and fruit on top. 
Piss: Alcohol
Brekkie: Breakfast
Biscuit : is a cookie
Kai: Maori for Food but commonly used
Kai Moana: Maori for Seafood
Smoko: Having a break from work possibly with a Ciggy (cigarette) and pie (common food from a dairy)
Takeaways: "Take out food" or "food to go"
Watties :a brand but usually referring to the Tomato sauce put on the Chips
Cuppa: Cup of coffee or tea

Sayings and New Zealandisms:
Sweet as: Everything is all good, all fine
Good on ya mate: Well done, Good job
"": Used on the end of words to intensify " she was pretty as", "i'm hnugry as"
"" : Used on the end of sentences as a type of rhetorical question, like "isn't it?". "She's real cool eh?"
Sick: Cool!
Yeah Right: Said when being sarcastic... you don't actually believe what's being said.
Stink: Something is no good, mild dismay at something bad
Choice!: Something is great! "Everything is choice"
Bro: term of endearment to friends or just any male. "I'll have a Heiny bro" (Heiny is a heineken beer)
Cuz: term of endearment for cousins or just any male, similar to bro
Chur: Thanks
hard yakka: hard work, associated with labouring, "digging that fence post hole was hard yakka!"
honky dory: everything's fine, as in "my life is hunky dory"
guts for garters: You're in big trouble
Strewth!: Wow!
bun in the oven: She's pregnant
Bob's your Uncle: "that's it" "That's how it's done".
Bach: A holiday house Crib : Holiday house in the south island
Bloke: Man "The bloke at the Campervan park gave me a hand" (helped me)
Bit of a dag: He's a hard case, bit of fun.
"Gizza Hoon" : Can I have a turn?
She'll be right: Everything will be okay.
Maori Terms:

Pakaru: something's Broken/ not working
Ka Pai: Something is choice
Kia ora: Maori for hello
Whanau: Maori for extended family.
For your Campervan or rental car:

Petrol: is gas
Gas guzzler: The car uses a lot of petrol , uneconomical
Dump station: Where you empty your Campervan's sewerage tanks
Campervan/Camper: An RV or Motorhome
Bumper: Fender
Hit the road: Get your travel underway.
Car Park: Parking lot
Boy Racer: A person in a zooped up fast car with LOUD music
Dunny/Loo: The toilet or bathroom
Duvet: A Quilt
Sunday Driver: Someone driving very slowly.

Know the lingo on your journey.

That's in no way all of the "Kiwi-isms" but a wee helper to get you through your traveling days in New Zealand.

Find some Kiwi road trips to put your new language into use at the Campervan Hire New Zealand blog.

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